What We Like About the Spring Point Residences

The residences at Spring Point are awesome. We have our own garage, our own ground floor entrance-no stairs-and the building is brick and has a red tile roof. We have a back yard for the kids and dog to play in, and inside there is an open floor plan kitchen, dining and living area. None of us like all those walls you find in traditional homes. This place is really nice. They even have a big gym for residents to use and common areas that are very spacious with little private nooks to use.

I am half afraid of talking about it online because I don’t want the secret to get out. However, those who are looking for a really nice place to live are really going to like what they see here at Spring Point. We were really surprised at the quality you get for the lease amount you pay. You are not going to find too many apartments with this level of quality. How many places you know of that have a private garage for each resident who needs one? If you do not need a garage, then get a unit that does not have one. We needed a garage for our family van.

We really like it here. We are getting a lot of amenities for our lease agreement. The gym alone is saving us money in fees at another place, not to mention the travel time we would have to spend to get there. We just walk to the gym from our apartment. We go every morning before work. Our routine is comfortable to us making this place feel very much like home from the first night we moved in. I got up at five in the morning to go to the gym the first day! My wife started with me the next day, and the kids enjoy the pool a whole lot.

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