Ware the Savagery of Geese

Avian flu. We’ve all heard of it (unless you haven’t). It was right up there with Swine flu and regular flu. It was a scourge that hit the Asian-Pacific particularly hard with millions of chicken deaths. It wasn’t until it cross the species boundaries to infect humans that we began to take it more seriously as a threat. That’s when we started to kill them all. All the winged friends we once would feed bread and seed to. Even here in New Jersey there was a call for bird control in NJ so we might protect the people that we love and care for the most. It has to be done. Every year there are more birds darkening our skies with the threat of avian flu hanging over our heads. As a society driven by compassion for the people around us, we cannot allow these animals to live in such numbers!

I know that birds seem harmless enough but have you ever watched a man fight off a savage, violent attack from a goose? A twenty pound animal with wings has all the advantage over our thumbs. These are creatures without our sense of morality. They are driven purely on instinct which is fine for the natural world but not here in our human created one. We don’t abide by such merciless savagery and our modern medicine is finely tailored to protect us from diseases. A goose has no concept of right nor wrong; it will attack if it feels threatened or to protect its nest. We’re not attuned to such things. A casual walk in the park to enjoy a beautiful, sun-filled blue sky day can suddenly take a turn for the worst when a goose attacks. I’ve heard reports of a swan even drowning a man; don’t let this happen to you.

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