Video Evidence Helps Put Criminals Behind Bars

ADT Pulse Premier (home control/security system)ADT security cameras are the surest way to safeguard your home from those who might hold ill intent toward you. I count myself lucky as the home that I bought had come equipped with a security system that I hadn’t ever planned on ordering myself. Then, I just didn’t see the need for a security system in the middle of suburbia where I was certain crime would be unable to effect me in the slightest. That’s not true. Crime did effect me or at least it tried its very best to do so. Without this security system from ADT I would have become just another victim of a home invasion.

Unsettling as it was frightening to know that someone was outside my home attempting to break into it, I was nevertheless thankful in that moment for the security system. They were unable to find a way in and as soon as they went for one of the windows every alarm and light that the system had suddenly flared up in warning. Enough to scare even me despite knowing what was about to happen, it sent the would be robber fleeing into the night as if he had just touched something that physically hurt him!

I was watching it all on the monitor screens that had been built into the room by the former owner. In that moment I understood why a security system is so important for a home owner. It gave me a feeling of control over an event that in most cases would have left me without any way to dictate what might happen. At least this way I was able to secure my home while preventing the intrusion by a criminal. Too, I was even able to help the police capture him by providing the video evidence necessary.

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