The Bugs Come out at Night

Bed bugs have been getting a lot of attention on the news lately. There was one report about a hotel that had come down with an infestation of bed bugs. I stayed at this hotel before the report on the infestation was aired, and I began to become worried. I looked around my bed and noticed that there were some bed bugs. Immediately I called for bed bug removal in Manhattan NY. I took my clothes off and threw them in the washing machine along with some scalding hot water. I had to leave my home for a few days while the bed bugs were being treated.

I couldn’t bring any of my clothes with me besides the ones that I was wearing, and I couldn’t bring any luggage either. I had to buy some new clothes at a local store, and I also had to find a hotel to stay in. I checked to see if there were any more reports about hotels in the area that had bed bugs, and two other ones had a confirmed case. At that point, I was worried about staying in any of the hotels. I couldn’t stay at any of my friends homes at the risk of causing them to have bed bugs.

I located one hotel that had recently been inspected for bed bugs and came away with a clean report. I booked a room there, but I was too afraid to sleep in the bed. Instead, I slept in one of the chairs that were included with the room. I didn’t sleep to well while I was in the hotel, partially because of the chair, but also because of my fear of the bugs. Days later, I was able to go back to my home, and I couldn’t wait to sleep in my bed.

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