I Am Loving Running My Own Business

I made the decision to hire two employees last month. I’ve run my own company by myself for two years. Business has been really picking up, and it got to the point where I simply could not handle everything on my own anymore. I am learning as I go, and that has been pretty fun. I thought it would be really scary, but it has not been. One example of this is knowing that I am no account and have no fancy accounting software, but I was able to find a check stub maker online and come up with two of them for both employees with no trouble at all. It is things like this that make me believe that I will have no trouble going forward with figuring things out.

Both of my employees are fantastic. It is really nice to be in charge of hiring the people that you want to work with you. I spent a lot of years working with people that were problematic at so many companies. But not these two people. They match my personality well and they are both such hard workers. They are also patient with me as I learn during this whole process. If the company should grow larger, I know that it will not always be this intimate. But I am not worried about that for now.

Both of the people who work for me have a lot of experience, and they bring a lot of help to my company. They have both been instrumental in helping to bring in even more customers. And they both have some great ideas for how to help expand many of our needs at the company. It has been nice to be able to work with people who care, and they know that I really care about them as well.

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