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Use Video SEO to Grab FREE Google Traffic Using a Proven Successful Sales Funnels!

Launching Your Video SEO Campaign is Easy

It begins with your market. Who do you want to reach? What will they type in Google to learn about your products and services?

The Magic Words – Keyword Research

We do the work to sort out the very best search terms for your project that will generate traffic.

Your Sales Funnel

From there we need a great message to tell. Do you have a video already created? We can produce a video for you from photos and text, provide voice overs and even film against a green screen. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like.

With the video ready, we optimize a YouTube channel for you, upload the video and go to work making it popular in Google’s eyes. This is about a two month process generally. Sometimes we surprise ourselves with incredibly quick results, but we schedule our work over a longer period to avoid raising any flags with Google. Your campaign needs to work organically for the best and most lasting results.

Your message should have a clear call to action. Consider taking baby steps with your process and get prospect to raise their hand that they have an interest and give them valuable content. We are students of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula and use systems around that based on Ryan Deiss’s work and training.

The Investment

We take a close look for you at your unique market. The cost is upwards to ,000 for a successful Video SEO Marketing Campaign. We offer a three pay plan so you can see success before final payment. It is best to let us quote an accurate cost for your project, so contact us to discuss your specific goals for a firm quote.

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