A New Home, New Kitchen and New Addition or Two

Our anniversary gift to ourselves this year was hiring a contractor that does kitchen remodeling in Bergen County NJ to redo our kitchen. It was the first thing we are doing with our new home. Well, it is not new as in just built but new as in newly purchased by us. We bought it in the fall of last year. We got what we could afford. It is structurally sound, in a great neighborhood and has plenty yard outside both front and back. The roofing shingles will be replaced in a couple of years but the kitchen remodel is first on our list.

Our plan is to completely redo the interior. Part of the kitchen makeover is getting rid of the formal dining room altogether. It will blend with the kitchen and have a smaller table for entertaining family and guests. Our main eating area is going to be a large granite island with tall stools on both sides. This area will be great for playing games and just talking as well as dining together.

Later on we will remodel the living room, bedrooms and redo both bathrooms. Some work we are even doing ourselves. The kitchen remodel is going to include higher end appliances. We have saved for our house purchase and our kitchen makeover. We plan to do it right or not do it at all. It is fun making a home. Yes, it is costly. However, the nicer and better things in life do come with a cost. We learned to save for what we want as children, and we make a good team of it now.

We skipped the fancy honeymoon and the first year vacation to get our house in order. We will need a new kitchen to be doing the cooking and feeding of our twins that are on the way. We were planning for one when two were the order for the day.

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