I Am Loving Running My Own Business

I made the decision to hire two employees last month. I've run my own company by myself for two years. Business has been really picking up, and it got to the point where I simply could not handle everything on my own anymore. I am learning as I go, and that has been pretty fun. I thought it would be really scary, but it has not been. One example of this is knowing that I am no account and have no fancy accounting software, but I was able to find a check stub maker online and come up with two of them for both employees with no trouble at all. It is things like this that make me believe that I will have no trouble going forward with figuring things out.

Both of my employees are fantastic. It is really nice to be in charge of hiring the people that you want to work with you. I spent a lot of years working with people that were problematic at so many companies. But not these two people. They match my personality well and they are both such hard workers. They are also patient with me as I learn during this whole process. If the company should grow larger, I know that it will not always be this intimate. But I am not worried about that for now.

Both of the people who work for me have a lot of experience, and they bring a lot of help to my company. They have both been instrumental in helping to bring in even more customers. And they both have some great ideas for how to help expand many of our needs at the company. It has been nice to be able to work with people who care, and they know that I really care about them as well.

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Dealing with a Seasonal Sewer Problem

Most people look forward to everything that spring has to offer. Unless they have bad pollen allergies, they love to smell the flowers, watch the snow melt, and see the animals coming out. I don't share in this joy, because I know what is coming with the spring. Each spring, my neighborhood gets a lot of rain, which means that a lot of debris will be washed into the sewers. When this debris builds up, I eventually have to call for sewer cleaning in Rockland County NY, otherwise the system will become backed up and it won't be a pretty sight for anyone.

Last year, a lot of tree debris went into the sewers and it backed up so badly that some of the homes were experiencing items coming up in their toilets. Some tried to flush the toilets, only to have the toilets overflow. I was lucky enough not to have this happen to me, but if it did, I would have been livid. The cleanup from having something like that happen is terrible, especially when there is a chance that there may be some fecal matter mixed in with the debris. You would have to disinfect everything that the water touches.

If the sewer becomes backed up again, I'm going to talk to the other people in the neighborhood and start a petition. The only way to have anything done is to make people aware of what you want. The petition will be sent to our local government in order to get them to spend money to fix our sewer problem. There has to be something that can be done to keep the system from backing up. If they don't want to do anything about it, we'll alert the local news outlets and have the story ran on every channel.

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I Wanted My Mom’s Tree Gone

When I went to visit my mom in New York, I was surprised to see how cluttered the yard was. I knew that she was having a harder time getting around, but I honestly didn't know it had gotten so bad just in the few months it had been since I had last seen her. I was able to handle most of the yard work myself, but I knew that I was going to have to get a business that handles tree removal in Queens County, NY to come out because her oak tree was showing signs of barely being alive.

I wasn't even sure if there was anything they could do to save the tree, but I thought it wouldn't be a bad thing if they ended up having to take it down. I worried about that tree long before I made the call to Miguel's Tree Care, mainly because just one wicked storm could make the tree fall right on my mom's roof. I did not want her to have to deal with any part of that, so I was secretly hoping the tree would have to come out.

She is on a fixed income, which is why she probably never called anyone to see what it would cost. I wasn't worried about the price though because I planned on paying for it. Even still, I was happy when they told me what the price would be because it was lower than I had anticipated. They had come out to look at the tree to see if it could be saved, but they determined within just a couple of minutes that it was mostly dead and had no chance of recovering. There was evidence of disease already, so they came out just a couple of days later and removed the entire tree, trunk and all. The yard looks better, and I don't have to worry as much now.

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