Her Trees Needed to Be Trimmed

I had not been to my mom's house in nearly three years. It just worked out to where she was down at my house on major holidays and over summer vacation, and it was hard to get to her place any other time of the year because of my work. When she asked me if I could bring the family to come see her this past summer, I was pretty excited about it. It was a great visit, though I did end up having to hire a tree service in Queens NY because of the condition of her trees.

I was actually surprised that I was able to get by with just that small amount of work, and it was something that I did not really have to do myself. Sure, I had to find the tree service that I wanted to use to trim the trees in her yard, but the extent of my physical work on that was just picking up the phone. The trees were not in horrible shape or anything, but I could tell that they had not been pruned since my dad was around, which has been a good ten years now.

The trees definitely needed to be shaped, and Mom agreed with me. She told me it was just one of those things that she kept meaning to do, but it would keep slipping her mind because something would always come up. She did not care who I called as long as they were licensed and insured, which just goes without saying. I was also able to get references and look at some pictures of work they have done elsewhere. I felt confident that they would be able to make her trees look healthy once again, and they did not disappoint at all. It did not take them long, and it was very reasonably priced too!

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Home is Where New York is

When I moved to New York, the first thing I did was get roof installation in Brooklyn NY because the house that I bought was hit by a falling tree. The tree fell over because of a wild storm that happened earlier. The damage could have been much worse and the home could have been completely destroyed, but luckily, only the roof took most of the damage, and the tree didn't hit it hard enough to completely crash through the entire upper floor. The wood in the attic took some damage as well, but it could be easily repaired.

While the roofing company was working on the roof, I decided to visit some people that I knew years ago. They moved to New York to start new lives after college, while I stayed in Florida. When I showed up at their doorsteps, they were surprised to see me. Many of them had already gotten married and had children. To them, it was like I hadn't aged a day since the end of college. We had a good time talking about the old days and making some new memories. Since I was living in New York, we agreed to see each other more often.

In a couple of days, the roof was done. Owning property in New York can be pretty expensive, but I got a pretty good deal on the home. It's a detached home with an old style. I thought about getting a semi detached home, but I wanted to have total freedom from my neighbors. After living in an apartment for many years, I know what it feels like to live on the other side of someone, and when the neighbors get loud, you can't really do anything about it. Sometimes the neighbors might even complain about you.

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The Bugs Come out at Night

Bed bugs have been getting a lot of attention on the news lately. There was one report about a hotel that had come down with an infestation of bed bugs. I stayed at this hotel before the report on the infestation was aired, and I began to become worried. I looked around my bed and noticed that there were some bed bugs. Immediately I called for bed bug removal in Manhattan NY. I took my clothes off and threw them in the washing machine along with some scalding hot water. I had to leave my home for a few days while the bed bugs were being treated.

I couldn't bring any of my clothes with me besides the ones that I was wearing, and I couldn't bring any luggage either. I had to buy some new clothes at a local store, and I also had to find a hotel to stay in. I checked to see if there were any more reports about hotels in the area that had bed bugs, and two other ones had a confirmed case. At that point, I was worried about staying in any of the hotels. I couldn't stay at any of my friends homes at the risk of causing them to have bed bugs.

I located one hotel that had recently been inspected for bed bugs and came away with a clean report. I booked a room there, but I was too afraid to sleep in the bed. Instead, I slept in one of the chairs that were included with the room. I didn't sleep to well while I was in the hotel, partially because of the chair, but also because of my fear of the bugs. Days later, I was able to go back to my home, and I couldn't wait to sleep in my bed.

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A New Home, New Kitchen and New Addition or Two

Our anniversary gift to ourselves this year was hiring a contractor that does kitchen remodeling in Bergen County NJ to redo our kitchen. It was the first thing we are doing with our new home. Well, it is not new as in just built but new as in newly purchased by us. We bought it in the fall of last year. We got what we could afford. It is structurally sound, in a great neighborhood and has plenty yard outside both front and back. The roofing shingles will be replaced in a couple of years but the kitchen remodel is first on our list.

Our plan is to completely redo the interior. Part of the kitchen makeover is getting rid of the formal dining room altogether. It will blend with the kitchen and have a smaller table for entertaining family and guests. Our main eating area is going to be a large granite island with tall stools on both sides. This area will be great for playing games and just talking as well as dining together.

Later on we will remodel the living room, bedrooms and redo both bathrooms. Some work we are even doing ourselves. The kitchen remodel is going to include higher end appliances. We have saved for our house purchase and our kitchen makeover. We plan to do it right or not do it at all. It is fun making a home. Yes, it is costly. However, the nicer and better things in life do come with a cost. We learned to save for what we want as children, and we make a good team of it now.

We skipped the fancy honeymoon and the first year vacation to get our house in order. We will need a new kitchen to be doing the cooking and feeding of our twins that are on the way. We were planning for one when two were the order for the day.

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Looking for a Chance to Dump Time Warner

I am really not happy with the amount of money I have to write checks for every month. I am trying to figure out what I can do to cut back on my bills. Of course the obvious thing to do is to get rid of cable tv. You do not have to have that after all.At the moment I have TWC providing me with cable tv and Internet. They offered me a package with that and a home phone, but that would have been no use to me. I have a cell phone obviously and I have to have it, in fact my boss pays part of my cell phone bill because the phone is necessary to what I do. My bill was well over a hundred dollars, but a couple of months ago I called them up and complained, because I knew that if I did it well they would be willing to cut me a break. The idea is very simple if you have a customer that guy is valuable and you want to keep your hooks in him. They have a math behind it i am sure that tells them what I am worth to them.

Think about what a customer gives a cable company. So long as the guy keeps on breathing and working he is going to write a check month after month. If you can get a hundred dollars steady that is great, but you want them to want more. You offer them the chance to get the pay per view specialat fifty dollars a shot. I think the last time I saw a big title fight on the PPV they wanted 70 dollars for it. A bunch of guys at work went in to together and put the money up to pay for it.

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