An Inspiration to Women Everywhere

Reading about the joanna shields news on her website made me inspired to be a better woman, a better person. I guess it was three months ago when I ran across an article about her online. I am a political major and I really enjoyed reading about all of her accomplishments. She has proven that women can do anything they want to if they just set their minds to it.

In the US a lot of women want to use their gender as an excuse to not succeed. It is a mentality in some women that they still think that men are the only ones that can get what they want out of life, and I am here to tell you that is not the case. I have used Joanna's life and success in her career as a example to many women. I talk to a high school class once a month, where I talk about how women can succeed, just as easily as men. That just being a male doesn't give you anymore success. I know this first hand, because when I was in school I studied and paid attention in class and I got a few different scholarships to get my college education, and some guys I know didn't even get accepted to any colleges, let alone get scholarships to them.Joanna is a world leader, a role model for women all over the world. She is a true inspiration, to finding that thing that makes you happy and really just going for it. Don't listen to those people who tell you can't do something just because you are a woman. Those are the people who are truly scared that you will succeed, because when you do they will be forced to look at their own lives and see where they have gone wrong.

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Fixing Heating Systems Without Breaking the Bank

Whether you need a full install, maintenance, or have serious problems with your heating system, fear not because it can be fixed. No matter how hopeless it seems or how worried you are about the cold weather around the corner, there are trained professionals that can save the day and make the best of almost any situation. Of course it is always much more relaxed and calm to avoid problems in the first place, which is why maintenance and proper installation is so important. Heating repair in Essex County NJ has become extremely popular recently, as this company is able to provide reasonable prices yet still keep every home's heating system in peak shape.

They hire only the best employees and train them quite well, making sure that each expert will be able to handle your system properly. Some less reputable companies will be quick to recommend a total replacement in order to pad their own pockets, but these guys are straight shooters that enjoy repeat business. The bottom line is that they strive to make every customer happy so that they stick with them, which is definitely a much more enjoyable customer experience.

Researching companies to find a reliable source like this is important, as most people quite simply are not qualified enough to understand the intricacies of these systems. This leaves customers with no option other than blind faith in the technician, who can recommend anything from a good cleaning or hose change to installing new equipment. It is especially hard to say no to these people when everyone knows the temperatures are going to keep getting colder and your home is already uncomfortable. Avoid the hassle and go with this reputable brand though, and they will make sure everything stays warm without unnecessarily emptying your piggy bank.

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Meg and I Are Ready to Move in Together

Meg and I are ready to move in together, which is a big step for both of us and I am not sure how it is going to turn out. Of course I am a bit of a slob and I do not really pick up after myself as much as she would like. Her place is absolutely spotless on the other hand. We are going to look for nice apartments for rent in Columbia, SC and try to make it so that it is convenient to both of us. I have a job right near the campus of USC and she works on the Northern edge of the city. It is going to be best if both of us have a good commute, but that is not the ruling factor in the decision. She hated the place where I lived for a very simple reason. The parking lot was always too dark and you did not feel safe out there after the sun went down.

Of course I did not like that either and I am a big enough guy that I would be able to take care of my own self most of the time, at least if the other guy is alone and not carrying a weapon that I have to respect. In fact a lot of times you would look out at the parking lot and see guys breaking into cars. I had a spot light and I would shine it on them and tell them to put their hands in the air. One time this crazy guy next door shot one of them with a pellet gun, which did not seem like a great idea as there is no way to know the guy can not reach in his pocket and come out with a real gun.

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