Satellite Service is a Great Idea for My College Years

As a college student living on her own the first time, I really am having a lot of fun putting together my living quarters. Of course, my parents have been helping me as well, but it will be up to me to pay most of my entertainment costs each month. So, that means that I need to be very wise about what I choose to spend my money on. I was looking over the website located at to see if I could swing the cost of monthly service for my TV, and it turns out that I can!

I have a part time job working at a local ice cream parlor that is near my school. Because I do not have to travel very far to get there and back, I will have some time here and there to work a few more hours than part time as well so that I can make even more. I will have an extra $150 per month to spend on entertainment, and satellite service fits into my very small budget very well.

Mom and dad gave me a TV that has HD capability, so I was excited to learn you can get HD channels with your monthly service. I will also get three movie channels at no extra cost for a short time, so that will allow me to assess them for awhile and then choose just one when the free period is up. I am already living in my new place, so I just had the new service set up yesterday. Mom and dad stayed with me last night and we all sat around and watched a couple of national news channels and a movie together. Dad gets bored easily, but he is fine if he can watch the news! So, I really liked that, and I hope it means that he will come visit me more often! I also appreciate that when I need a quick break from studying, I can turn on the TV and take a break with a show or two.

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Learning About Trading with Online Courses

When I decided to learn more about pairs trading, I knew that I would do best by taking an online course. I could have taken some classes at the community college in my area, but my schedule is so erratic at times that I knew I might end up missing some of the classes. Instead, I figured I would be better off with a more flexible learning schedule, where I could work at my own pace rather than at an instructor's pace. Just because I was going to do it on my own did not mean I did not want to take a quality course though.

I was able to find a great trading course online that involved nearly three dozen lectures as well as a community of other people who are also taking the course. What is really nice about this particular course is that I will always have access to the lectures, so if I need to go back and look at one years down the road, it will always be available to me. I also liked that I would be studying with others, even though I am going at my own pace. That allows me to ask questions and get input from others, and see what they feel as well.

I knew I would have a lot of questions as I advance in the course, so I knew that others would too. Being able to see their progress, their questions, and the answers to the questions meant that it very similar to a classroom setting for me. I had everything I needed minus the schedule. I was able to preview some of the lectures, and that is how i knew that this was definitely the course that I wanted to go through with. I learned so much about trading, and I have a feeling it is going to pay off sooner rather than later.

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