Going to Have a Go at Online Shopping This Year

I guess that I am going to see how hard it will be to find cyber monday laptop deals for 2013. I have a laptop that is okay, but it is not very satisfactory for my needs. In fact I generally use my desktop when that is a real option and the laptop is more of a burden than anything else. It just does not perform well enough to be used much at home and it has a rather poor battery life when I am out on the road. I have to figure out how to strike a good balance with the various needs that I have. Of course I have a pretty good desktop, a friend of mine from the IT department at work built it for me and the thing really kicks a whole lot of butt. That is not an exaggeration, this guy really loves to build high end PC's and I just gave him a good little budget to play with. I think it cost me between 830 and 850 dollars, not including the monitor and stuff like the input devices.

We are going to want something with a good battery life, something like 8 or 10 hours is what I really need. Of course that is not all that easy to get and I might just have to buy an extra battery. The actual performance is not a huge matter I do not think, because it is not like I am going to be using it for that much that is really serious computing. It is mostly going to be stuff like spreadsheets and other office applications, along with entertaining myself in my down time when I am on the road. Of course that is not to say that I would say No to good performance at the right price.

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Trying to Get Back on the Road

Cheap Car Insurance Deals - Save Up To 0 In Less Than 5 MinutesI am in a pretty good box to be honest, because I have been out of work for a bit and that caused me to have to sell my car and give up my license temporarily. You can not have a driver's license in the state of Nort Carolina if you do not have car insurance and there is not much reason to pay the going car insurance rates when you have no job and no car. So now I have to get a lot of stuff together before I can get back on the road. The license has to come after the car insurance and I am looking to get the best rate that I can possibly find in order to be able to have some money left over.

The guy who gave me this job is a friend of mine who lives down the street, he gives me a ride into work every morning, but that can not last. In fact he is not always going to be able. His job sends him around to different places and a lot of times he is running around instead of going straight to work, so I get dropped off at a bus stop or something. I need to get a few more paychecks and in fact I can live with public transportation a lot better than I would have thought. It is pretty inconvenient and of course it does not take you exactly where you want to go and exactly when you want to be there, but you can eventually get where you need to be. You just have to give yourself a lot of lee way in planning a trip if it is important that you get there on time. Of course the big thing is that I live about a half mile from the nearest bus stop.

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